Prayer Group




Saturdays: 8:45 AM - 10 AM

Contact: Brian Garibay

Our men's ministry focuses on building relationships with other men in the congregation, exploring the word of God while also allowing men space to discuss the challenges of being a son, brother, father, husband and believer. In doing so, JSCC is building a brotherhood in Christ. Bringing together men who seek God's wisdom; men you can confide in, who will support you, and won't judge you. Together they share the Bible while making sure to leave time to share their own stories, laugh and practice their sarcasm.


1st and 3rd Thursdays @ 7 PM

Contact: Pastor Joe or Tyler Sherman at 1 (732) 892 • 4648

  • Biblical accountability is a vital aspect of a Christian's walk with the Lord. We need to know that other MEN are supporting, encouraging, and praying for us as we walk faithfully before God. This is why JSCC formed the MAN Group (Men’s Accountability Network).

  • Accountability means someone that will hold us responsible for actions in areas of our lives in which we consistently struggle, or fail to grow in faith.

  • Accountability is meant to help us overcome these strongholds in our lives.

  • Accountability means finding that person, or several people, who love Christ, have been where you are, will love you unconditionally, and want to see you grow in Christ.

  • Accountability means trusting God enough to share our struggles with others. We often fail to realize that if we do not confess our sin, it is impossible to have victory over them.


Women's Ministry provides a space for women to gather together to study the Word of God and get to know the body of Christ. Women build relationships that provide an oasis from their busy lives and many responsibilities. Bible studies are held weekly and unique women's events are held throughout the year. For more information visit the church information table.


What is available for my kids?

Children's Church, Sundays @ 10:45 AM

JSCC doesn't believe in simply "babysitting" children while their parents are in church. Instead, the church provides programs for children of all ages to help them grow in their walk of faith. Our hope is that by providing unique experiences for them, they will develop a hunger for prayer, for worship, and for gathering in the name of God. Children will also find that church is not a chore, but a FUN, SECURE and SAFE place they want to come to every week. We love to see children of all ages worshipping so we offer a safe and fun childcare environment for the younger kids.​

  • SPLASH (Show Precious Love and Share Him)
    Nursery & Kindergarten Ages. 
    We accommodate all  learning styles in a multi-sensory environment with a wide range of activities. This is accomplished by guiding the children through various stations that establish a weekly rhythm of “play, art, reading, worship, and prayer.” This supports both order and continuity AND the freedom to explore within each station provides a pattern for growth, while direct attention is on safety and security.

  • WAVE (The Word of God Affirms, Validates and Equips)
    Grades 1-5
    We are a dedicated team with a singular focus on teaching children the full counsel of God, exposing them to biblical truths that they might believe and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our aim is to impart a love for learning about God and His Word in connection with a love for church, family and one another. We provide a safe and enthusiastic atmosphere that challenges children to embrace all that God offers through His Word as nourishment for themselves.

    Grades 6-12

    Teens and preteens dig into the Bible together and learn the Word on their level. The experience is designed to mirror the regular church service so that it acts as a bridge to joining the adult worship.


Sunday's, after the 10:45 Worship Service

  • The definition of Hospitality is, "To love strangers and be generous to guests." On Sunday mornings please join us for a time of "Hospitality" where we share food, friendship, and fellowship.


  • Calvary Chapel Sligo, Ireland - Shawn and Deanna Tebbe

  • Albania Hands of Providence - Pastor Plator Collaku
    Church planting and abused children

  • America’s Keswick/Colony of Mercy, Whiting, NJ - Addiction recovery

  • Philippines Church Plants in Bohol and Dumaguete - Robert & Joy Ruotolo
     Outreach to children and families in mountains

  • Crest Point Rehab - Tyler Sherman
    Visitation every 3rd Sunday of month

  • Concord Nursing Home - Pastor Joe Gilbert-Rogers
    Visitation every 3rd Sunday 

  • Far Reaching Ministries - Wes Bentley (

  • One Life to Love - Courtney Lalotra (
    Home for street children in India

  • Our Father’s Persistent Love Ministries, Inc. - Debbie Carver (  

  • Reign Ministries, North Carolina - Hank & Jackie Dahl (
    Youth Missions & Discipleship

  • Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center, Shrewsbury, NJ (

  • The Surf Project - Jono & Beth Griffith (
    Ireland youth mission

  • Jersey Shore Rescue Missions • Addictions, Recovery, and Homeless - (

  • Transformando Vidas in Guatemala • Chad & Jami Bader (